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The kids are all athletes and have been in sports since they were four years old. Sandy has had to be a traffic controller just figuring out how to get three kids to three different places with two cars. Now that the kids can drive, it makes life a lot easier. Since we are out in Montevideo, we don't see them that often and it is easier to forget how much older they've gotten. Lyle was leaving for home one morning and Taylor came out, said goodbye to him, tossed her hockey stuff in the back of the Jeep, and hopped in the driver's seat and drove off. It was a momentary shock for him.

Justin has been active in hockey and baseball. Allie has been in lacrosse, volleyball, table tennis, and tennis. Taylor has been in hockey and is co-captain of the Eagan hockey team this year. She also is in table tennis, tennis and softball. Eagan has a strict scholastic code and students have 3-4 hours of homework a night. If you have a game the night before and hockey practice at 5 AM, it makes for a short night.

Justin, Alyssa and Taylor

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Kids in Sports
Here are some of the sports pictures of the kids.
Volleyball Champs
Volleyball Champs!
Allie and her team.
Allie is ready to bump, set, and spike.
Jan and kids on ice
Inventive way to keep kids upright on ice when you've got three kids and only two hands.
Jan, Taylor, Allie and Justin.

Justin is ready to play hockey.

Hockey Champs
Taylor and her teammates were part of the championship team in the Premier Prep Hockey League. They played the championship in Xcel Center.
Taylor on first
Who's on first?
Why, Taylor, of course.
Softball Sisters
Softball Sisters.
Allie came to the rescue when Taylor's team was short a player.
Taylor and all her sports paraphernalia.
Conference Champions
The Eagan tennis team won their conference.
Tennis Awards
Allie and Taylor were encouraged to try out for tennis by the tennis coach in the summer of 2016. He said they needed more players and since the girls had gone to state in table tennis and Allie had volleyball, he thought they would fit in. Turned out they did. After learning to play in August, they made the team and Eagan went on to the state championship where they took second place, their first loss of the tournament.

These are the awards given out at the tennis banquet. Both girls got the Minnesota Academic All State Award and Taylor got conference honorable mention, which is very good since the South Suburban League is a very strong league. Allie unanimously got the Most Improved Player award and, as he presented the award to her, the coach said that had she started a couple of years earlier, she could have been one of the best players in the state.
Taylor and Allie
Tennis champs:
Taylor and Allie
The Triplets
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