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On May 24, 1999, Justin, Alyssa, and Taylor were born and the lives of their parents have never been the same. They had their hands full taking turns with the feedings, the diaper changing, the laundry and the loving. They wouldn't have had it any other way. Now the years have sped by and the kids are seniors in high school. We cannot believe that time has gone by so quickly. Trying to pick out pictures was a tearful experience. There were so many good ones because our grandchildren are perfect, you know. Look through them and enjoy their journey.

Justin, Alyssa and Taylor

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Baby Announcement

Allie, Justin and Taylor.
Jan and Babies
Jan with Taylor, Justin and Allie.

Clipart of grandma holding triplets It was his first day of Sunday School so after church the mother asked her small son, "Who was your Sunday School teacher?"

"Jesus' grandmother, " answered her son.

"Why do you say that?" the startled mother inquired.

"Because," said her son, "all she did the whole time was talk about him and show pictures of him."

Triplet Babies
Taylor, Justin and Allie.
Grandma and Grandpa Hoidal with Triplets
Grampy Hoidal holding Justin and
Grandma Hoidal with the girls.
Great Aunts with Triplets
The triplets are held by Lyle's aunts: Aunt Ann, Aunt Louise,
and Aunt Margie.
They are great-great aunts
for the triplets.
Actually, they've always been
"great aunts" to everyone.
Sandy with Triplets
Sandy with Taylor,
Justin and Allie.
The big "three-seat sedan" with rear-wheel drive.
First Birthday
First Birthday.
First birthday cake.

Justin, Allie and Taylor,
Kids in Hats
First Hoidal Christmas
Allie, Taylor and Justin.
Allie, Justin and Taylor.

Sunset on the Beach
Sunset on the Beach
Sandy and Grampy with Justin, Taylor and Allie

Daddy's Birthday
Holding picture of Dad's 40th
birthday on his 50th birthday.

Taylor, Justin, and Allie.
Blues Trio
If you can't dig the blues, you got
a hole in your soul.
Josh Smith
Taylor, Justin, Allie.

Vintage Triplets
Vintage Triplets
Justin, Taylor and Allie,

Justin, Allie and Taylor.

Homecoming 2016
Homecoming 2016
Taylor, Justin and Allie.

The Triplets
The Triplets Individually
Their Sports Activities