Scott's Racing Page

Our son, Scott, grew up around racing. When he was 15 he got his own car and headed for the track. He raced for five years and had a good career. It was fun for the whole family to be involved and even more fun to see the father and son compete against each other.

The apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

(Written from a mother's point of view)

That's right. The apple really didn't fall far from the tree. In 1978 when Scott was 15 years old, he started racing. He only had his permit; no driver's license. Boys at the Banquet I had to take him out on the gravel roads so he could learn to use a straight-stick. Didn't take him long to learn. Don't know if it was his skill or the fact that he was sick of my "teaching." His first car was the one Lyle had driven the year before in Willmar. It was really banged up, but a new paint job made it look pretty good. Since he had no DL I had to pull the old trailer with the old car on it with the old pickup that had no air conditioning. The kids hopped in with Lyle, who had the new pickup, the new trailer, and the new car. And air conditioning. Everyone deserted the sinking ship, so to speak.

We were racing in Willmar then. Scott's first year he started in the back and got closer and closer to the front each week. At the end of the season he got the "Rookie of the Year" award in the modified class and Lyle got the award for high point leader. Article in <em>Montevideo American-News</em>

Year two was a total turnaround. He had a Chevelle that we had gotten from Lou Feger Racing. In one of the first races he was right on his dad's tail and when he saw the opportunity, he cut down on the inside and passed him. The pit crews for our cars went wild. Then as Scott came out of the number four turn he started slowing down and Lyle flew by him. Seems that when going down on the inside to pass dad he broke a drive shaft. It was pretty rough down there.

When the newly-built Grove Creek Speedway opened near Grove City, Minnesota, we decided to give a try. Scott was in the first race that was run on the track and he won it. It was a night of firsts because it was also the first race he had ever won.

All in all, Scott had a good year in 1979. In August we were at the Chippewa County Fair in Montevideo and he won his heat and was leading the trophy dash when he pulled into the pit. Everyone raced over to see what was the matter. He said his temperature gauge was up. Morrie Weflen, well-known Monte driver from the 60s, let out a big laugh and said, "A Hoidal who can read gauges! By golly, I'm going to build him an engine!" That comment was because Lyle had driven Morrie's cars off and on through the years and when he did, he was out to win. He kept his eyes on the track and his foot on the throttle…and maybe glanced occasionally at the gauges. Drove Morrie crazy. Scott went on to win the Chippewa County Fair Championship at the prime old age of 16.

Another time, it was the season championship at the Madison Speedway in Madison, Minnesota. Lyle was leading the point standings by just a few points. If he didn't win the feature and Jim Kellen did, Jim was the season champion. As fate would have it, Lyle's car had something happen to it and there was no fix so he left it at home and didn't race that night. Scott went out and did a beautiful job of driving in the feature and so won the season championship race for himself and the season point standings for his dad. Jim came over after the race and congratulated Lyle on a good job of driving. Lyle said, "Yes, I thought so. Thought the kid did pretty darn good." Jim was surprised. He thought Lyle had taken over Scott's car and driven the feature.

Unfortunately, the cost of racing got spendier and spendier and he finally had to give it up. He had five years of great memories though. We had a lot of good times as a family as we raced through the years.

Henry J Scott and Lyle with their trophies That's Scott standing by the car on the left. It is in 1966 so he is about 3-1/2 years old. The car is a Henry J and was painted pearl pink. We called it "The Pink Pussycat." Next thing we knew he had his own car.

On the right is the studio shot of Scott and Lyle in 1978 when Scott won Rookie of the Year and Lyle the Season Championship at the Willmar track.

Scott's Race Cars

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Scott's First Race Car
This was Scott's starter car. Lyle had raced it in Willmar for a couple of years previously. It was a 1964 Chevelle with a 350 engine in it. Not the sharpest car on the track, but a sturdy one.

We bought this 1967 Chevelle from Lou Feger Racing. It was just the shell and frame. The boys put in the 350 engine from the '64 and a drive train. It was a good car and Scott won a lot of races in it.

This was the second season for the 1967 Chevelle. There are a lot of battle scars on it now. Pitman Dewey Sorgaard is standing beside Scott in this picture. C.W. Edwards was the Madison photographer who took pictures of the cars and then the drivers could have racing cards made to hand to fans after the races. This is one of the cards.

Late Model
The 1967 Chevelle with a new body. Andy Capp and his barrels of beer made up the number 81. Pictured in the back of the car are pitmen John Gulden, Dewey Sorgaard and driver Scott.