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Lyle has always loved cars, not only race cars, but cars in general. Here are a few of his favorites from the last few years. He always says he is going to keep them, but once they're ready to go, he's ready to start another project. He buys them, fixes them mechanically, and then sells them to someone who enjoys bodywork, which he definitely doesn't.
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Lyle's Garage
Located about a half-block from our house and a half-block from Scott's. Ideal location.



Not a car; not a truck. We call it a Doodlebug. The back of a Model A was welded onto the front of another Model A. This was the result.

46 Ford

1946 Ford Coupe
This was one of the cars Lyle had in high school. Not a recent project, but he looks good in the picture.

51 Ford

1951 Ford
Lyle took a lot of his old flathead parts and souped the engine up. Does not sound like a family car.

53 Olds

1953 Oldsmobile
This car was sold on ebay and went to Germany. Our cars get around more than we do.

56 Ford

1956 Ford
A little rust on the quarter panels, but we should all look that good when we're 60 years old?

57 Packard

1957 Packard
This car went all the way to Texas on a car hauler.

59 Galaxy

1959 Ford Galaxy
Chrome fender skirts and factory air conditioning. Lots of class.

60 Valiant

1960 Plymouth Valiant
The Valiant had the unique trunk with a continental look to it. Low mileage.

63 Corvair

1963 Corvair Monza Convertible
Made by Chevrolet, the Corvair was unique because it had a rear air-ooled engine.

67 Ford Convertible

1967 Ford Convertible
Black cars matter. This beautiful car went to Baltimore, Maryland.

71 Fiat

1971 Fiat Convertible
A tight squeeze once you're in the car. Tighter than a full-figured woman in xs pantyhose.

77 Cadillac

1977 Cadillac
A beautiful BIG car. Purchased by the pound, you couldn't afford it.

83 Mercedes

1983 Mercedes Benz Convertible
Has both a convertible and a hard top.

Old Car Guys
What happens when old car-guys get sent to the nursing home.
41 Chev Pickup

1941 Chevrolet Pickup
Believe it or not, this truck went all the way to Denmark.

42 GMC Pickup

1942 GMC Pickup
This was the blackout model. No chrome because it was World War II. This truck found a new home in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

46 Ford Pickup

1946 Ford Pickup
This truck also went to Green Bay. The new owners were going to put a diesel in it.

53 Ford Pickup

1953 Ford Pickup
This truck was stored in a barn by a friend. He did the body work and Lyle built a hopped-up flathead with a stroker kit and a 4bbl carb.

57 Chev Pickup

1957 Chevrolet Pickup
Powered by a 6-cylinder with a split manifold and Lyle's favorites: Smitty's mufflers.

70 Ford Pickup

1970 Ford Pickup
Very low mileage truck. Not an eye-catcher, but a decent truck.

73 El Camino

1973 El Camino
A nice Chevrolet with the sleek El Camino lines.