Abbott Heritage
My mother always said she was an eighth Irish. It was good to know on St. Patrick's Day, but otherwise I didn't pay much attention. About 20 years ago I developed a big interest in my Irish roots, but she had passed away and I hadn't listened. No one else in my family came forth with any help so I started with her obituary and spread out from there. It took a long time, a lot of miles, and considerable expense, but I hit the jackpot in Nebraska, where I found a distant cousin who provided me with a bonanza of information. Our great-great grandfathers were brothers who emigrated to America and ended up marrying sisters from England. It was a wonderful find because all their information could be used on my side, too. I cannot wait to share the info with you.

NOTE: After reading the copy, I see some typos. I am in the process of getting a program that will enable me to make corrections in pdf. Will do that soon. As a proof-reader, typos drive me crazy.

Our Irish Roots